Monday, June 6, 2011

This Primmy House

I took a break from SL. Then I slowly came back, and then I got involved. After that, I had to decorate, because that's what I do. I had a lot of houses, but when it came to the land, I wanted to put up a house I'd had for a while, the Elate! Summer Beach Cottage, and I think it turned out lovely.

I had wanted to get the Rustic Wooden Swing from Little Boxes and also had not had a place to put it, so I was excited when I could pop over and pick it up...and I promptly placed Botanical Dark Forest Tree with a shadow over it for a restful kind of look.

I had also never made it to Cheeky Pea before, and I now realize I should stay far away from there. Way too many cute things. I picked up the Cardigan Bay deck set and the Chatters Matter bench..which comes with a laptop...and so do I.

From this week's Moody Monday, I got Cleo Design's Relax Corner which comes with more stuff, but I was pushing my prim limit, but it goes really well with the Little Boxes Spring Floral framed art.

My house wouldn't be my house without some LISP Bazaar, so I used the Cloak Bench and paired it up with the Little Boxes Dandelion framed art.

I act like that's the only LISP I have in the house, but ta-da! The plant, table and clock are all part of the Restoration Collection at LISP and the "Life is Beautiful" shelf is also from there.
The couch is from the fabulously talented Cylic Gears' [StarStruck]'s a Gacha..and I was so happy to get the green. Especially with polka dots. The chair is Olive this Chair from Olive Juice, the rug is [What Next] and the other assorted accessories are Awesome Blossom.

I thought that drawing table and chair from Cleo Designs was too cute, and it pairs up well with the trunk from (blush) LISP. I might have a minor girlcrush on Pandora Popstar.

The kitchen. Holy crap, the kitchen. I had issues with finding a one piece kitchen that I liked and could use, so I mixed and matched from collections and stores. I think I managed to get Awesome Blossom, [What Next], Clutter, Second Spaces and Little Boxes all in my kitchen. It's fantastic and it pleases me.

I used the butterfly chairs from ..*whispers* LISP and the cutest coffee set from [What Next]. That table? Yeah..I made that..

I used trees from Organica, Forest Feast, 2 prim trees and I mentioned the Botanical already. The clothesline is from Cleo Designs and the sidewalk of railroad ties is from MMGraffiti's.
The yard would probably look better if I could figure out how to use flowers, but I haven't managed to grasp that concept yet. I have hope.

I needed a picnic table and was excited when I remembered the Awesome Blossom one, and there was some gasping going on when I saw the surfboards from Crackberry.

So...latest house. Now that I have it set up, my first thought is to pull it all up and start over. Never satisfied....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open letter to Linden Labs

Dear Linden Labs,

It has recently come to my attention that Hybrid Ansar has been banned for alleged illegal copying of another person's creations. I would like, as a Second Life Resident, to state my opinion on this situation.
I have known the Hybrid Ansar for a year, and have had many dealings with her and people that she is close to. I can be sure of several things about the lady in question.

1. She is forward and upright in her dealings. - During a period of SL homelessness, she opened a part of her sim for me to rent. She told me up front what I could expect living there, what expect from the other residents, and that she would profect us from any griefing and that she did not tolerate griefing in any form. During the time that I was living there, I did have a problem of a griefer dropping objects on the sim, and the situation was dealt with in a extremely timely manner. At no time was I faced with unexpected situations that she was the author of. She delivered just as promised.

2. I have purchased her shapes almost exclusively during the time that I have known her. The reason for this exclusivity is almost entirely depedent on the uniqueness of her style. She has, what I would consider, the most realistic, normal people shapes in Second Life and I admire her ability to create and recreate. She has also always been avaliable to discuss issues and has many times re-evaluated a shape for me personally during her own private time.

3. I have witnessed her building methods of her pre-fabs and there were no signs of anything but completely original ideas from her brain with many elements built from the normal Second Life menu shapes. I am sure that her hair process is also the same, and it is easily identifiable as a creation of Hybrid Ansar.

4. Hybrid Ansar may admire many creators of Second Life goods, but she is a true believer of creating her own style and being a product of her own originality.

5. She has campaigned many times against copy-botted material and is often checking to make sure that, even with her own purchases, that she is buying completely original work from the original creator.

Of all the people in Second life that could or could not be illegally copying the work of others, Hybrid Ansar is clearly not a candidate for that activity. She is a champion for Intellectual Property Rights and a truly trustworthy content creator, as well as being a good friend to people who need just that. In short, she's good people...

Alice Turner a.k.a. Kyria Tomsen

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer home lovin'

So, I haven't blogged in a while. Let's just get that out of the way and move on, k? K.

So, I had a lovely skybox that I adored, but I felt the need to move out and get a change going. As it so happens, just as I decide this, one of my plurk friends says, 'Hey..check out this shop!' True Love Never Dies is the shop name, and the specialization is low prim, high quality simplicity. Check out my entry way, with one prim sun mirrors and a one prim table, known as The Kitchen Table, avaliable in three shades.

That path and fence barely visible outside the door are from a shop that I was lead to from True Love Never Dies, called MMGraffiti's. They also specialize in amazing one prim creations that are generally texture changing. I've used the two prim curtains from there throughout the house, as seen in the next shot of the living room.

Two other stores that I've fallen in recent love with are Grindstone Furniture, and Lisp/Art Dummy. I've used the Grindstone Wave couch and loveseat which are around eleven prims each, color change, and menu seated. The clock, end table, and shelf are all done by the lovely Pandora Popstar, who I want to marry in the worst way. She creates her goodness for the Lisp Bazaar side of Lisp and Art Dummy.

She does excellent low prim creations, as well as making just fab decorating pieces, like the Restoration Rustic Stove Fireplace, which is well worth its twenty-one prims. I also snuck in the Asian Daydream rug from {what next} and Bamalama/Olive Juice chair, Olive This.

I had recently been lamenting how I loved Antonia Marat's Sonja Kitchen, but it didn't go in my skybox. When I saw this house, I knew it was going to be the perfect match! I tp-ed just as fast as SL would carry me over to /artilleri/ home and picked it up. I already had the Candy Bright Dining Set from Lisp and they're a perfect match. I picked up all my framed vintage ads from Seaside Vintage Posters.

Another few other things I already had and loved were the Paper Garlands, butterfly chairs with Montmartre Table, butterfly prints (all of those things from Lisp Bazaar), and the Provence rug from {what next}. I had picked up the Fairy Tale wall print from Awesome Blossom with some trepidation. Not because I didn't love it, but because I'm not one of those love type people on the outside... I generally like to hide that stuff, but it's so pretty that I couldn't resist it.

The bedroom underwent some changing recently because of the newly released bed from Art Dummy. I think it's my favorite new thing right now. The Chalk Dust bed is about the cutest thing ever, and the whole set, which includes a bedside table, chalk, and a lamp is 400L. I don't have it all out now, I'm saving a few prims for a rainy day, but I have it none the less. The bed has a ton of sit options, and a jumping on the bed option, it is texture change on everything, including the chalkboard which has a few awesome selections. I matched it up with my Lisp Apple trees, the Lisp Cloak Bench, the blue version of the Asian Daydream rug, and a rug I made before I stopped making.

Across the room continues to be my Lisp rant with the Cabinet and Window of Light dresser set and Dreaming Skies umbrella lamp. I am using the Second Spaces green vanity seat. I loved the dresser from that set, which is cute and inventive, but it didn't fit my current theme of .... Yeah, let me know when you figure it out, because I don't know.

So, to recap...
True Love Never Dies
Lisp Bazaar and Art Dummy
/artilleri/ Home store
Second Spaces
Seaside Vintage Posters
Awesome Blossom
I will add a slurl list when it's not 2 a.m.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I don't want to be part of the Mega-war. We're all out for the same goal, but this is the path I choose.

No matter what you choose to do today, make sure you support one of the campaigns to move awareness of copybotted material. Tell your friends, SL family...tell your priest.. Copybotting is bad. The end.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get Reale and get Adventurous!

Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while...I'm a bad person..I should be punished.. So, anybody who's willing, just let me know. Anyway...despite all that, I have a ton of things to blog. If I can keep this up, I might be blogging every day for the next year and a half. I have a whole load of things I love.
First up, Reale. Dude, I love her stuff. Yes, stuff is a technical term. The first up is the Reale Tricot Coat in red.

Creepy? Yes... Beautiful? Heck yeah! Let me just tell you before I go on...most of her clothes are 200L. I'll give you a moment....

This is made to be a set, but all pieces can be bought separately, and the belt comes in three sizes, which generally require very little adjustment.

The other thing, and shame on me for not blogging this sooner, is the Reasonable Desires Pyramid O' Death! Yeah, that's not really the name, but's amazingly fun and great for groups! Before you head in, must have the proper attire....

Yah? Yah! Reasonable Desires' Explore Jane. I love this outfit, and I generally leave off the undershirt, just because I think that makes it more Lara Croft, but that is just an option.

I'm not givng you pics of the inside! Go look for yourself...and when you have to push the buttons to go through the like your tail's on fire!

This is the Adventurous Lingerie, and I'm in love with it. Cute slits on either hip and tiny trim around all the edges. Austie is always best with the details, that's why she's the Queen of Underwear. Speaking of Austie's details...

The Adventurous Mega pack! Absolutely gorgeous textures on this outfit, and this is only one of the options, and or course I'd pick the one with the most boobage...

Visit these locations for products shown!

Truth - Ana, Elle, and Chelsea Hair -

Savoir Faire - Emma Shape -

Harlot - Porcelain Heiress Skin with dark brows -

Reasonable Desires - Explore Jane, Adventurous Lingerie, and Adventurous Megapack -

Reale - Tricot Coat, Suede Mini Dress, Crocheted flower belt, Crocheted flower bolero -

Argrace - Fedora Hat "Glamorous wavy" -

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off topic, RL related post. Please comment!

I've been complaining a lot about my work conditions on plurk, and I've realized that somebody needs to make observations. What started out as paper rant has now become an actual project. This is by no means the completed version. Comments are most welcome!

Lack of Communication:
-Between department heads
-Between departments in general
-Between management and staff
Communications are not only not open, but discouraged between departments. Tension is created because of impressions that all departments are intentionally working against each other. Even in the customer service department, tension is created by team leaders who give impressions that other departments want to see us “in trouble”. We are often told that other employees are “out to get us” and encouraged to keep records on other employees mistakes.
Possible solution:
Lack of Professionalism:
This is a huge issue in the customer service department. The representatives have no guidance as far as professionalism when speaking to landlords and tenants on the phone.
The general technique is to yell when yelled at. When voices raise on one end, a large number of the CSRs raise their voices in response. Landlords and tenants alike are routinely told “No, you are completely wrong!” in very strong voices instead of the “I'm sorry, you are mistaken/you have been given wrong information.” that is the standard in most call centers. Callers are often called liars, or it is very strongly implied. The initial response on call-ins is becoming increasingly belligerent from the beginning of the call, making it harder to resolve issues.
Possible solution:
Retraining of CSRs to ask questions politely, such as “May I place you on hold?” and examples of how best to convey that the information was wrong without being confrontational. There should be an enforced standards on courtesy instead of just did we give the correct information.
Lack of Consistent Standards:
Procedures for handling calls and issues are not consistently held or enforced throughout the department. Team leaders have different standards, making it harder to consult other team leaders in times of rush or when one is out. It slows down the process of correcting the issues accurately, and often increases the number of phone calls that go out to landlords and tenants for information.
Possible solution:
It would be enormously helpful if there were standardized information sheets that went to all employees. Also, if there were one person who collected the changes and formed them into a weekly or bi-weekly report. This person could also be in charge of the data resource sheets that all customer service employees use for their daily activities.
Lack of Ownership:
The customer service representatives and team leaders are showing constant and increasing lack of ownership in problem solving. In fact, very often, problem solving is frowned upon and seen as more of a bother than anything.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You make me feel like dancin'!

Except that I can't dance. It doesn't matter though...the new Rebel-X release has made magical things happen!

Mareea - Black Swan's Swansong is a work of beautiful, light textures.. Very delicate and extremely well detailed.

The detail work on the seams are extremely well done, and I probably should have removed all the netting for this picture, but it's just as beautiful as the dress itself..

It's a very transient sort of outfit that could go for a number of occasions. All the prim attachments have a number of locations, so you could probably hook up a nice pair of wings with it as well.

The other wonderful thing is that if you're going out where you don't need the entire princess-like ensemble to get your point across, the jewelry and top go great with a pair of jeans...

I love the new Shag hairdo called Coy with this outfit, but I also love it with the new Reasonable Desires outfit, Alpine Beer Girl.

As with most Reasonable Desires outfits, there are a lot of different wearing options, all awesome. It also comes with a lovely detailed beer, either for drinking or holding..and a an excellent goat. I was attacked by a goat when I was nine, so there will be no goat on this page... Stupid farm animals.

I think this one is my favorite though, being a traditionalist, myself.

Loving the detail work with this dress as well! It always amazes me at the amount of talent you see in SL.

I'm sorry I wasn't very wordy. I kind of feel like both of these lovely outfits sell themselves! The quality of work is outstanding and both designers should be very proud of the work they've done!

This one is for you, Rouge and Austie!

!*Rebel Extravaganza*! - Thibedeau (43, 223, 22)
Reasonable Desires - Reasonable Desires (142, 185, 26)
Shag - Silent (199, 146, 35)