Monday, June 6, 2011

This Primmy House

I took a break from SL. Then I slowly came back, and then I got involved. After that, I had to decorate, because that's what I do. I had a lot of houses, but when it came to the land, I wanted to put up a house I'd had for a while, the Elate! Summer Beach Cottage, and I think it turned out lovely.

I had wanted to get the Rustic Wooden Swing from Little Boxes and also had not had a place to put it, so I was excited when I could pop over and pick it up...and I promptly placed Botanical Dark Forest Tree with a shadow over it for a restful kind of look.

I had also never made it to Cheeky Pea before, and I now realize I should stay far away from there. Way too many cute things. I picked up the Cardigan Bay deck set and the Chatters Matter bench..which comes with a laptop...and so do I.

From this week's Moody Monday, I got Cleo Design's Relax Corner which comes with more stuff, but I was pushing my prim limit, but it goes really well with the Little Boxes Spring Floral framed art.

My house wouldn't be my house without some LISP Bazaar, so I used the Cloak Bench and paired it up with the Little Boxes Dandelion framed art.

I act like that's the only LISP I have in the house, but ta-da! The plant, table and clock are all part of the Restoration Collection at LISP and the "Life is Beautiful" shelf is also from there.
The couch is from the fabulously talented Cylic Gears' [StarStruck]'s a Gacha..and I was so happy to get the green. Especially with polka dots. The chair is Olive this Chair from Olive Juice, the rug is [What Next] and the other assorted accessories are Awesome Blossom.

I thought that drawing table and chair from Cleo Designs was too cute, and it pairs up well with the trunk from (blush) LISP. I might have a minor girlcrush on Pandora Popstar.

The kitchen. Holy crap, the kitchen. I had issues with finding a one piece kitchen that I liked and could use, so I mixed and matched from collections and stores. I think I managed to get Awesome Blossom, [What Next], Clutter, Second Spaces and Little Boxes all in my kitchen. It's fantastic and it pleases me.

I used the butterfly chairs from ..*whispers* LISP and the cutest coffee set from [What Next]. That table? Yeah..I made that..

I used trees from Organica, Forest Feast, 2 prim trees and I mentioned the Botanical already. The clothesline is from Cleo Designs and the sidewalk of railroad ties is from MMGraffiti's.
The yard would probably look better if I could figure out how to use flowers, but I haven't managed to grasp that concept yet. I have hope.

I needed a picnic table and was excited when I remembered the Awesome Blossom one, and there was some gasping going on when I saw the surfboards from Crackberry.

So...latest house. Now that I have it set up, my first thought is to pull it all up and start over. Never satisfied....

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  1. What an adorable house.. thank you for blogging some of my items. <3